Discover How to Use the Wheel of Life Exercise

so you can painlessly evaluate your life & make lasting positive change no matter where you are in life today

If you aren't fully satisfied with YOUR life today and where it's going, then you need this mini-series to experience the easiest and most enjoyable way to design your life and achieve maximum balance, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

Does this sound like you?

  • You want more out of life, but aren't sure where to start OR if the changes you make are the right ones or if they'll even stick.
  • There's something inside of you that feels "off," and you're feeling unsatisfied, out of control, or overwhelmed.
  • You're frequently caught up in the currents of life (e.g. current events, current news, etc.), and aren't intentionally working toward what YOU want.
  • Your life is pretty good, but you're yearning for more because you know you're capable of more.

Stop asking yourself...

"Should I just settle for this? "Is this all my life is meant to be?"

And start asking..

"How much better could my life be if I had a clear idea of what mattered to me, and had the perfect plan to achieve it?"

There's a better, easier, and more enjoyable way to upgrade your life, regardless of where you are today to become totally satisfied and empowered.

My 3-part life excellence mini-mastermind walks you through exactly how to achieve greater life satisfaction.

Stop getting sidetracked by self-help books, podcasts, or interviews that don't actually help.

If you've been looking for more out of life for any length of time, you've already discovered that getting help is not about...

  • The individuals you ask for help (<-- your friends and family are great, but they don't ACTUALLY know what's best for you, making it impossible to give the best advice)
  • The number of years you dedicate to improving/changing/growing. (<-- breakthroughs can happen in a moment, but sometimes they take a decade to reach!)
  • How many books, podcasts, or interviews you can proudly add to your watch list (<-- more reading/watching does not equal more growth).

The Wheel of Life isn't another exercise to do -- it's the exercise to do.

Designing Your Life (with the Wheel of Life) walks you through the process to get incredible results -

  • Even if you've been struggling to gain momentum for weeks, months, or years without direction and little improvement.
  • Even if you've tried self-help exercises or setting goals before, but you always seem to "fall off the wagon."
  • Even if you think you have clarity as to what matters most to you in your life, but don't yet have the satisfaction, balance, or fulfillment.
  • Even if you have a million things you'd like to do in life, but you're not sure where to start.

Design Your Life is for You!

The Wheel of Life workshop far surpassed my expectations. I'm usually reluctant to do these types of exercises because they're not helpful and leave you feeling worse. This workshop was the opposite. I left feeling feeling empowered about my life and excited to start working on the goals I set. Please send me invites to future coaching workshops!"

Design Your Life // Wheel of Life Workshop


"The Wheel of Life session was engaging, insightful and powerful. It helped me focus on the areas of my life that matter to me and really explore how I feel about them. I think we could all benefit from this kind of coaching."

Design Your Life // Wheel of Life Workshop Attendee

Dan Moyle

How Valuable Would it Be If You Could Learn

  • To translate what matters most to you from simply an abstract feeling into something you can easily articulate, measure, and make meaningful progress in?
  • Identify the small changes that will have the biggest impact in your life and start taking action so that you can finally make positive changes without exhausting yourself?
  • Release the need to make massive, sweeping life overhauls all-at-once and easily upgrade yourself and your happiness as frequently as you want.

I'm here to tell you, it's not only possible -- I've mapped out the exact step-by-step system to show you how to go from stagnant and barely surviving to alive and thriving.

"Will this work for me?"

If you have a desire to make a change in your life, then you've got what it takes to move through this mini-mastermind & get the clarity you want!

Most goal setting exercises and courses focus on the past, and ultimately make us feel bad about the actions we took or didn't take. They also focus on individual areas of your life without taking a holistic approach, resulting in the creation of habits that are okay but not transformative keystone habits.

I created this Design Your Life with the Wheel of Life mini-mastermind by taking the most popular exercise in coaching and expanding on it to give you the clarity you need to succeed in making real, lasting change in your life.

Remember: It doesn't matter where you are in life whether you've been stuck for a decade or are already happy and just need greater clarity, Design Your Life is for you!

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