Self-Paced Workbook

Layoff Self-Reflection & Career Planning Workbook

This self-paced workbook will help you to use this forced pause to bounce back so you can go into your next company actually proud of your layoff experience.


Layoffs can royally suck.

For many going through them, it's a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from anger, sadness, hopefulness, and embarrassment. It's full of emotions that we spend our lives trying to avoid, but instead are forced upon us (often by surprise), and visible for the world to see.

And for some, they can do even worse damage. They can rob people of the joy of finding fulfilling work again or playing big; because of a fear that they'll be laid off again, or harbor a pernicious belief that they weren't (or aren't) good enough to keep on in the first place.

But, these don't have to be true for you.

I’ve coached clients through work transitions of all kinds including layoffs to being fired. And if you’re anything like them, it’s likely that the questions filling your mind right now are unhelpful.

Maybe you’re asking yourself one or more of these kinds of questions:

Why me?” “Why didn’t I see this coming?” “What’s wrong with me, why am I so angry/sad/etc.?” “What will I tell people?

The list goes on.

And if there is anything I’ve learned about coaching people through hard times, it’s this:

1. You need better questions. 

When you get laid off, you're more likely to be drawn into the negative downward spiral that disempowering questions have.

The questions you ask yourself now (and every day!) have a significant on what you do and the way you experience life.l

The reason being, questions you ask point your brain in a specific direction.

So if you ask disempowered questions, you’ll get disempowered answers.

2. You’re at an inflection point in your life. 

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what happens to us that matters, it’s how we deal with it.”

How you respond to this moment will define the rest of your working life and how authentically you show up, and it's up to you to decide if you want to rise above this better than before.

This 23-page workbook is full of questions, exercises, and journal prompts that I do with clients who have been laid off (& signed on for 6-month engagements) so they can use the forced pause to intentionally design their next step and bounce back better than ever.


This workbook will:

Cover 3 main elements of growth:

  • 1) Acknowledge What's Present This is where you can identify your feelings, and experience them in a safe space to them to heal them, so you can move forward without emotional hooks
  • 2) Capture Your Learnings. This is where you can reflect on your experience and distill it down into stories, learnings, and experiences that you want to carry with you forever.
  • 3) Plan What's Next. In this section, you'll use the information from the last two and some additional exercises to help you plan your best next step for your career (without worrying what anyone else thinks) & get the inspiration to achieve it.

Throughout it, you'll also:

  • Be asked better questions. It’s full of 70+ mind-expanding exercises, prompts, and questions that I use with clients (in 6 $250/hour sessions) to heal from the experience, increase awareness and clarity around your career vision, and turn this moment into an empowering one.
  • Remember who you are when you're at your best so you can make decisions from a place of wholeness and abundance (instead of fear or scarcity, which is common).
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Meet the Creator:

Sarah Bedrick, Founder & Coach, Thrive Coaching

Hi there 👋, I'm a professional and life coach for people working in tech.

I've coached 100+ people with backgrounds in tech spanning from top companies like HubSpot, Atlassian, ServiceNow, and more.

My mission with Thrive Coaching digital workbooks is to make the power of coaching accessible to everyone. Gone are the days where only executives have access to the benefits of coaching, with my digital downloads you can dip your toes in without the significant investment of a 12-month engagement.

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