Meet your coach: Sarah Bedrick

You’ve tried everything to get unstuck, but nothing works.

How do I know? Because I've been there.

A few years ago, I telling a friend that something was wrong, I didn't recognize myself anymore.

I'd lost my spark, focus, my confidence, my happiness, and a lot of other things that I had previously loved about myself. I had no idea what happened; I felt lost.

That’s where the frustration and hopelessness began - knowing what I wanted but not having a clue of how to get it.

Like you, I tried meditating (I meditated almost everyday for a full year). I saw a therapist. I read books, and more books. I listened to podcasts, and talked my partner and friends. And while they were interesting, they didn't give me what I was looking for -- and then I found coaching.

After four months with my coach, things started to change. Now three years later, I've broken free from the prison of my own mind, taken massive steps toward the life I want to live, and now I feel more confident, comfortable, fluid, and connected than I ever did before.

An abundant, and fulfilling life is not out of reach for you if you're willing to step out of your comfort zone and make it happen.

Let Thrive Coaching help you discover your true potential and unlock the path toward a more fulfilling life.

If you want different things, you have to do things differently.


What others are saying about coaching with me...


"When I came to Sarah I was completely lost. I was unable to see value in myself and lost calibration of my personal compass. After two coaching sessions with Sarah we were able to diagnose what was making me feel this way recalibrating my personal drivers of energy and how they relate to the contribution I wanted to make to to the world.
Through Sarah's strategic question asking and coaching I was able to identity the "mountains" or options I had to apply my skills to and was able to focus my energy on the mountain I wanted to summit based on my personal drivers of why I do what do.
As a result, I was able to get my dream job that would help me develop the skills I need to accomplish my short and long term goals in my life.
None of this would have been possible if it weren't for my my time refelting with Sarah. She is a phenomenal coach."


"Coaching sessions with Sarah is like playing Escape the Room for your emotional subconscious. She leads you along your journey with clues and prompts to challenge you mentally while helping to unlock moments of gratitude and build confidence towards the future.
She has this magic ability to tap into your hurdles at every step and guide you along with thoughtful prompts and encouragement.
She's the sherpa you want to bring on your journey of life, to help navigate all types of situations, in good times or in the most challenging of circumstances, she's your most trusted confidant."



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