Break Through Self-Doubt Workshop

Who is holding you back? If it’s the voice in your head causing you self-doubt, you’re in the right place.

The voice of self-doubt constantly running in most people’s heads is it’s worst when it holds us captive. It distracts us, causes us to shrink down, and prevents us from showing up fully, and going for our dreams.

It’s time to identify the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living the life you REALLY want, and move past them so you can take action and feel confident, happy, and fulfilled!

Join life coach Sarah Brody from Sarah Brody Coaching, along with Thrive Coaching, for a 60-minute workshop that will help you break through your self-doubt, and show up fully in every area of your life.

This workshop is for you, if you're:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or stuck in negative thoughts
  • Unable to get out of self-doubt or imposter syndrome
  • Wanting to make a change but lacking the confidence to do it
  • Ready to feel more grounded, centered, and HAPPY every day
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  • When: Thursday, October 8th at 7:30pm Eastern / 4:30pm Pacific (60 minutes)
  • Price: $20 (coaches typically charge $250 for this in a coaching session)
  • Expectations: This is a personal exercise, therefore, there will be no interacting with other attendees -- just you in the comfort of your home, camera off, taking action to build a better life.

[If you're interested in exploring coaching, this is an inexpensive, low pressure and private way to dip your toes in. As part of attending, you'll also receive one free coaching session with guest host Sarah Brody.]

You'll walk away with

You'll walk away with:

  • Understanding of where your self-doubt comes from, and patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • Specific tactics you can use to quiet your inner critic and shift into more positive self-talk
  • Increased confidence so you can take action and create the life you truly want for yourself
  • Daily practice tools to continue this journey beyond the workshop!

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. - Suzy Kassem


Your facilitators for this workshop

Sarah Bedrick Sarah Brody coaches

More about Sarah Brody

Sarah Brody is a life coach and founder of the Authentic Confidence Coaching Program™. Sarah empowers women who are feeling held back by self-doubt and imposter syndrome to let go of self-defeating thoughts, own their accomplishments, and approach their lives and careers with genuine confidence.

"Since working with Sarah, I feel like I have had more moments where I feel good about myself than I ever have in my life. A few months ago, I was a perfectionist and that was part of my identity, along with being an anxious person; now I see that although I struggle with these, they do not define me." -- J.G.

"This has been a truly transformative and freeing experience! Before working with Sarah, my negative thoughts consumed me. Working with Sarah gave me the opportunity to understand where they were stemming from and what I could do to combat them." -- E.H.

“I have struggled with depression, anxiety, and a keen sense that I don’t deserve to be where I am for most of my life. For me, working with Sarah has been more effective than anything else I’ve tried because her program has taught me how to change or let go of the things in my life that don’t serve me, rather than swallowing them and accepting them as ‘the way it is.’ I had more breakthroughs in my first 3 sessions with Sarah than I’ve had in years of therapy. I now feel less depressed and less anxious than I have ever felt. I have a sense of control over my life and no longer feel as if things are just happening to me. I’m learning to stand up for myself and, most important of all, to love myself." -- L.P.


What is Thrive Coaching?

We're a collective of coaches dedicated to the mission of making the power of coaching accessible to everyone.

You are not alone in wanting more out of life. 

Google's former CEO Eric Schmidt, Bill Clinton, Oprah, and Leonardo DiCaprio have all openly talked about their life coaches. Eric Schmidt even wrote a books as a homage to his coach who recently passed. 

That is how powerful good coaching can be.

Working with a coach can help you identify your subconscious roadblocks preventing you from happiness and success and help you identify what it truly means to live a life of complete satisfaction and purpose.

Wherever you are in life, coaching will help. We just don't think everyone should have to pay coaching prices ($1,500 a month or more) to achieve coaching growth and breakthroughs.

We can't become what we need to be by remaining what we are. - Oprah

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